5 Matters You Need To Consider When Choosing A Sales And Inventory System

If you are an entrepreneur you already know that sales and inventory management can be quite a hassle. Take care of invoices, inventory stock, bills, purchase orders and sales orders are not the reason you started a business in the first place. But that is exactly the reason why you should consider implementing a sales and inventory system. It can save you a save you time in documentation, money and mental energy. Moreover, an automated systems can prevent you from errors you can encounter when you are taking care of your sales and inventory management manually. In other words, instead of spending time, energy and money on manual management of sales and inventory, you can do what you love most: growing your business.

When you are considering to implement a brand new sales and inventory system, you will stumble upon tons of sales and inventory systems that are offered nowadays. In order to help you with making the right choice of system, I will list a few matters you should take into consideration before you decide upon a sales and inventory system.

#1 Customizability

Not one business is the same. For that matter, it is impossible that a standardized sales and inventory management system can serve all the needs of your company. Furthermore, it is likely that a standardized system will provide you features that you are not even using, but pay for anyway. Therefore, you need to make sure that the sales and inventory management system is customizable to your company’s needs.

#2 Scalability

The first matter issued also involves scalability. In other words, is the system able to grow with your company? However, scalability is not only about the possibilites when your business and resources growing. Scalability also has to do with the newest innovations amongst sales and inventory systems. Will they be able to update the newest features and tools in the future? A really important criteria you should take in mind when choosing the right system.

#3 Support and Consultation

Building on the two mentioned criteria above, it basically means that you need to be secure about the unconditional support of the company that is providing you the sales and inventory system. Accompanied questions that you might ask yourself: will they be available 24/7 if you have any questions or problems concerning the system? If you got a company that will be able to respond at any time you need them, and resolve anything in concern of your business, you sure got the right one.

#4 All-in-One

When you are considering a sales and inventory system, make sure the system got all the features you need. This does not only mean that it will take care of your inventory, it needs to synch you balance automatically as well. If you make an sales order, it needs to synch with your contact information immediately. If it is not synchronizing your info, it may even take you more time to manage your sales and inventory than it already took in the first place.

#5 Trials and Pricing

Most of the sales and inventory management systems on the market offer the possibility of a free trial. If they are not, they are denying you the opportunity to know the system better, which should already be making you question the system in the first place. Try as many trials as possible to see how it works for your company and to find the best fit. Moreover, you should be figuring out the price as well, so you won’t be encountering unexpected costs when you finally decided about the right sales and inventory system.

All of the above mentioned matters are on point when you consider Zayls as your partner in sales and inventory. Please try our sales and inventory to see how it can help your company. Visit our site if you like to review more information about the system. And if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 🙂