5 Things You Need to Know About eCommerce

Nowadays eCommerce is bigger than ever before. For good reason, because many companies have grown tremendously since they introduced eCommerce to their business. I do not want to stress the benefits of eCommerce in this post because most entrepreneurs already know the obvious. More importantly is to move with the new development and technology to keep your business as efficient and successful as possible. Therefore, I will give you a list of things you need to know about eCommerce.

#1 Size Does Not Matter

It does not if your company is of small, middle or large size, eCommerce is a step towards growing your business. Mostly small-sized businesses are the least likely to consider implementing eBusiness compared to medium to large-sized businesses. However, especially small-sized business can benefit from implementing eBusiness because it can easily overcome geographical limitation. In fact, the introduction of eCommerce opens a whole new world of customers to your local product or service.

#2 Mobile-friendly Interface

Mobile device usage and mobile social network increasingly gained traction lately and it is expected to grow even more. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the interface of your site on mobile phones. Questions you may ask yourself might be if the user interface design is as friendly on mobile phones as the desktop version. Moreover, it is you should make different designs for android and iphone.

#3 Locals

In case you do not want to extend your audience globally, the eCommerce platform needs to be taken into consideration anyway. When you only want to reach your local clients, the providing of an eCommerce website can take the consumer experience to another level. Your loyal customers do not have to wait in line any longer is your shop is at its rush-hour. Only the fact that they can check out your product and services online, in the easy of their own homes, will increase their attachment to your brand and products.

#4 Engage With Your Audience

Once your marketing strategies are paying of, it is important to put extra effort in your loyal clients. For the ones who supports your site by means of positive submissions and sales, you should think about personally encountering them. Like their messages or thank them personally by reply. Those people will feel extra attached to your brand and are likely to tell their friends about your awesome business. Nothing is more persuasive than a recommendation of a friend!

#5 Let’s Get Social!

eCommerce is not only about your eCommerce platform. By promoting it on your social media platforms, your company’s reach will extend tremendously. In other words, let others know if there is a special deal coming up, or use the social media landscape to provide customers with updates and the latest information of your products and services. The more content you are able to provide on multiple social media sites, the more people you will reach! Brand awareness and conversion are key!

Need some help in building your own professional eCommerce platform?

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