7 Tips to Help You Stay Inspired

Inspiration is what makes us get up every day and do good in what we do. With the world being so fast-paced nowadays, however, even our inspiration s quick to run out. Once it does, we start working like machines and almost immediately lose our purpose. This state can be so toxic it can destroy all aspects of our lives. To prevent this from happening, I give you 7 tips to keep you inspired at all times.

1. Set up a mood board

It can either be a physical or a digital mood board. Put all the things that motivate you on it. Say, your favorite quote, a family photo, your favorite line from a movie or book, your artworks, notes from friends anything that uplifts you. Personally, I keep a mood board containing printed screenshots of people’s messages to me, my favorite quotes, my personal resolutions, my goals (both short-term and long-term, which I’ll further discuss later), and a photo of my mom. I found that having this where I could see it the moment I wake up keeps me motivated to do great for the day.

2. Write everything you’re thinking and feeling

This tip has been proven and tested by my friend who is successful in her field. What she does is, whenever she finds herself unable to concentrate because of having too many things on her mind, she writes everything down. No matter how random her thoughts are, she writes them down. This exercise can relieve you of your overthinking and can help declutter your mind. The paper serves as an outlet to which you can go back to examine the things that usually bother you.

3. Talk to other people

Talking to family and friends is something I personally do whenever I feel burnt out. The conversations need not be about your work, business, or the like; talk to them about any subject and you’ll find yourself more relaxed. You can gain inspiration from the simple things they say and those can help you get back on track. Another thing I like doing is talking to strangers. Since I commute a lot, I have loads of interaction with them and I see to it that I don’t limit that to just sitting beside or across one another. I initiate conversations with them. Some, of course, have been dismissive, but most of whom I’ve talked to are as eager as I am to share about their lives. Many times, these people made my day a lot better by unconsciously giving me substantial insights and pieces of advice. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn from strangers, so don’t be afraid to talk to them.

4. Read good books

Reading does not only exercise your mind, it can also get you inspired. Words are very powerful and taking in the good kinds of it can raise our motivation level significantly. Almost all successful people I’m acquainted with are regular to heavy readers. With this, it’s no doubt that this activity helps in boosting our creativity, intelligence, and inspiration. There are a lot of lists of good books online so you can never run out of reads but for starters, here’s Forbes’ list of best books for your careerYou are not limited to books, though. There are lots of articles online that may help you find inspiration. Start by reading works of the people you look up to!

5. Get moving

Successful people, no matter how busy they are, find time to exercise, and this is perhaps the secret behind their success. Aside from its known physical advantages, exercising has psychological benefits as well. Research have found that physical activity such as running reduces stress and improves our mood by releasing endorphins. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise or sport you doeven simple nature walks are greatwhat’s important is you get your body moving regularly if you want to stay inspired.

6. Create something

Make it a habit to create something every day – a painting, a doodle, a collage, an essay, a blog post, or even a dish, anything that gets you in touch with your artistic side. This is important if you work all day because in a way, it releases your stress. I for one am committed to creating at least one doodle or typographic piece a day and I can attest to you that the simple exercise gets me relaxed at the end of the day. It also keeps me sane despite all the things I have scheduled for the next day. Try this for yourself and see the difference.

7. Think about your goals

My last tip is very basic but it is the most important among these. To stay inspired, you have to constantly remind yourself of your goals. For me, I post it on my mood board, but if it’s more convenient for you to have it noted on your phone, then go ahead and do that. I like writing both my short-term and long-term goals. Being reminded of my long-term goals gives me something to look forward to and work hard for, while noting my short-term goals keeps track of my progress. It can be so demotivating not to see the fruits of your hard work, especially if your long-term goals are so far into the future, so having short-term ones can show you that your efforts are not going to waste. This simple trick can inspire you to continue doing what you do. Also, this can help you evaluate the efforts and sacrifices you’ve had so far, and the moment you see that you’ve already invested so much, you’d definitely feel bad if you stop now.

These are just 7 ways to keep your fire burning. Of course, there are more ways out there. I hope when you find them yourself, you’ll share them to others who are also in need of inspiration. I hope these tips can help you get back on track. Good luck on your business, career, or studies!