Moving towards a SaaS solution, what are the benefits for your company?


Many companies are moving from on-premise software to Software as a Service (SaaS) as SaaS is growing quickly. What is SaaS exactly, you might ask? According to Gartner, ‘SaaS is software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. The provider delivers software based on one set of common code and date definitions that is consumed in a one-to-many model by all contracted customers at any time on a pay-for-use basis or as a subscription based on use metrics.’ What are the benefits and possibilities SaaS can provide your company, in comparison to on-premise software? In this blogpost I will highlight 6 benefits, however, there are many more!
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NTSY & Co. – Case Study

COMPANY: NTSY & Co. is an accounting firm that does outsourcing work for corporate and individual clients. They offer services like book keeping, government filing and other services like processing and acquiring permits. They handle hundreds of accounting services for thousands of customers.

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Getting Ready for the Workplace? Some Tips for Graduates

My Facebook news feed is overflowing with graduation pictures 🙂 From all of us here at Creating Info, our sincere Congratulations to you all! 🙂

For me graduation had always been a bitter sweet experience. It’s happy because its a major milestone achieved in your life, but its sad because of an uncertain future and the fact that you’re somewhat parting with friends and routines you are used to. But all of us has to go outside of our comfort zones in order to grow. And let me just tell you – it’s going to be ok. Life goes on, usually for the better.

College graduation was a while back for me already. Now, I am on the other end, the one recruiting and hiring new graduates into the industry. So I just hope to provide you guys with some simple advice for those of you who are planning to apply for a job soon. 🙂 Continue Reading “Getting Ready for the Workplace? Some Tips for Graduates”

Happy Chinese New Year! – Join the Crowd


Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Don’t you love it that Chinese New Year is now celebrated as a Non-working holiday here in the Philippines after so many years? Here we celebrate it with Tikoy, simple Dragon Dance and a visit to the World’s Oldest Chinatown (outside of China) – Binondo! For Filipino-Chinese people like us, it is often celebrated with Misua and the much awaited Ang Pao (Red Envelope with Cash) from elders. What’s not to love? Continue Reading “Happy Chinese New Year! – Join the Crowd”

Happy New Year! :)

There’s something nostalgic about a year coming to an end don’t you think? In many aspects it’s just like any other ordinary day. Except that it forces you to review, to contemplate, to want to start things new. How has your 2014 been?

Personally, I had a breakthrough this year with my “New Years Resolution”. Used to be, resolutions are written to die. Its time bound. It’s supposed to last for a year then in reality it will only last for a month – if I’m lucky. This year, I realized that it was more important to build the right habit rather than reaching a goal. The things I aimed for in 2014 are lifestyle changes that really is not time bound. I’ve came to accept that they were things that I needed to do from that moment on till the rest of my life. The change in perspective, really helped a lot.  Continue Reading “Happy New Year! :)”

Season’s Greetings

I heard from a famous speaker at church recently that days are long but a year is short. Ain’t it so true? Now that it’s December, it feels like everything is on fast forward mode. It’s like we have to rush from one party to the next to the next. And it’s one errand after another after another.

I’ve thought about what to write for our Christmas blog. For me personally, I really liked ABS-CBN new appreciation theme for Christmas. If you guys are not familiar with it, the song went like – “Kaya’t ngayong Pasko, ang blessings ko’y kayo. Thank you, thank you ang babait ninyo!” Continue Reading “Season’s Greetings”