Disney’s Microbots (from Big Hero 6) are Real

I really loved the movie Big Hero 6! Other than the fact that Baymax is really cute and lovable, I love the robotics and innovation featured in the film. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find that Microbots do in fact exists and its real! Not quite as sophisticated yet probably but already extremely helpful and effective.

It’s called Nanobots and its currently under testing in the medical field. It’s small and has a shape of an e-coli virus where the doctor will inject in your bloodstream and controls it using magnets. In its initial testing, it had already been tested to perform a procedure in a very sensitive part of the body – the eye.  Continue Reading “Disney’s Microbots (from Big Hero 6) are Real”

Social Enterpreneurs: Building Businesses for a Cause

According to modern day literature, the new businessmen/women of this century is no longer just concerned about profit – but also to the people and to our planet. Gone are the days when young men’s ambition is just to amass Millions or Billions to buy mansions etc. Modern day leaders care as much about making a difference in their community as making money. Continue Reading “Social Enterpreneurs: Building Businesses for a Cause”

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Hello World! I am writing this post a bit late today after coming from a really hectic week. Our CEO Brian and I were talking on what to share to you guys to make sure we do this as a weekly thing and he suggested this video. The video is courtesy of code.org and as hard core IT professionals passionate about coding ourselves, we wanted to share this to encourage all of you guys to do the same. 🙂

Continue Reading “What Most Schools Don’t Teach”