How comprehensive reports of Zayls help you manage your sales and inventory management effortlessly

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It is no coincidence the name of our company is CreatingInfo. We believe that INFORMATION is one of the biggest sources of POWER. By creating information, our ultimate goal is to empower businesses around the world.

CreatingInfo helped many companies across different industries to reach new heights with convenient and time-saving information technology. In the light of that filosophy, our team of professionals created an innovative inventory and sales management system, Zayls. Zayls is a very user-friendly cloud-based system that improves inventory control and order management. Moreover, Zayls allows comprehensive reports that provide all the information you need in easy-accessible overviews. “How are these reports going to help my company?”, you may ask? These informational reports can help in analysis and making better decisions for your business. Below you can learn more about the reports Zayls provides and how it will help to step up your game in sales and inventory management.

  1. Easy identify top selling products
  2. Compare and contrast various products across different suppliers and rates
  3. Have easy-access to detailed information about your customers and their buying patterns
  4. Manage your cash flow better by understanding you payables and receivables
  5. Easy identify fast moving and slow moving stocks at your warehouse.

In short, Zayls allows you to understand the real deal in your operation but leaves strategy and decision to you!

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