Hello World!


Hello readers! We’ve always thought of maintaining a blog here at our site, we just haven’t had the chance to get to it since everyone is so busy (Sorry about that!). But here is our attempt to send you guys our first official entry for 2014.

To tell you honestly, 2013 had been a challenging year for us as we try to get our feet off the ground as a start up company. Just like every other start up companies, its difficult to try to win customers with few portfolios and lack of “reputation”, both good or bad, out there in the industry. We had to mostly rely on referrals of family and friends who will gamble on us. We lived the year with constant anticipation of signing a new contract, but always accompanied with the anxiety of over-committing to projects. But by God’s grace, we made it through the end of 2013. While it s tough, we are very grateful for all the lessons learned and experienced we have gained. We believe that all those sleepless nights, the stress to keep ourselves organized, learning and improving our skills, and building our networks will pay off. It had been an uphill climb since we started, and we know that we need to give in more hard work before we start to reap the harvest. But, we are now much better, stronger, stable, and capable to face the new and exciting things 2014 will have in store for us. We are expectant of God’s bountiful blessing, as He continues to use us to be of service to our readers and customers.

We would like to keep this blog light and simple. We would like to keep you guys in the know of some of the experiences we have personally encountered, the projects we are working on, and some helpful articles that we think you might find helpful. In all situations, feel free to respond back to us at hello@creatinginfo.com . We want to be able to help you with your IT concerns and issues the best way we can.

I know it’s already February, but I hope we all have an exciting 2014 year ahead! God Bless you! 🙂