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Disruptive Innovation

I had always been a fan of innovation, because I like change. I think change is progress. Some technology might be too cutting edge as of the moment but that in due time it gets mainstream adaption and eventually becomes the ‘norm’.

In the industry there is a term called Disruptive Innovation coined by Clayton Christensen. It is described as “a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors“. Disruptive Innovation companies usually focus on under-served or non-customers by delivering a simpler product addressing a specific need with less features but at a cheaper cost than the mainstream product. This innovation then gains wider popularity eventually going mainstream and becomes the new incumbent product to take down.  You can read more about Disruptive Innovation from this link.

If you search Disruptive Innovations on the Internet, I am sure that there will be a wide variety on what they think is the best. So instead of telling you guys about the ‘best’ Disruptive Innovations, I can just tell you about my top 3 personal favorites instead. Here goes!

Wikipedia-logo3. Wikipedia – If you were born in the 80s like me, you probably still own a big bulk of encyclopedias and they are still displayed in your cabinet. But who uses it anymore, other than room display? It used to be the bulky, expensive, and outdated collection of books that was supposed to tell you everything you needed to know. Encyclopedia Britannica even turned this into a CD version but they are now completely obsolete since Wikipedia became popular. Wikipedia realized that people don’t need super accurate information about things, just a general idea of what it is about. They probably couldn’t use Wikipedia as a legitimate research site for their homework, but at least they would know where to look next.

canon2. Digital Camera – What I find most interesting with this innovation was that apparently the first person who invented the digicam actually worked for Kodak. But he was ignored by Kodak because they just couldn’t imagine what their business will be like without people using films and having it developed. I still know of a few friends who still uses film photography but it’s mostly because they will look ‘cool’ in picking a vintage hobby. Digital Cameras pretty much wiped out films in the world. I know that Digicams are now also being overtaken by Smart Phones, but those who want a true good quality pictures will still carry a digicam.

image-1-for-ipad-launch-gallery-3587171441. iPad – I’m actually not a fan of Apple products because for the life of me, I cannot make iTunes work. But, nobody will argue that the iPad was a smashing hit and that it actually changed the way people use their devices. The iPad actually was just another interpretation of the netbook. The netbook was the first to realize that the personal computers and laptops come with so much power but that not all users needed it. It offered a simpler scaled down version – only supporting internet browsing and basic document editing – and was offered at a cheaper price. The netbook actually became a hit for students because they needed it in school and it was something more people could afford. But Apple re-packaged it into a sleek tablet, easy to use interface, an extravagant Steve Jobs launching and it became a smashing hit even when it’s not cheap. I am pretty sure some other companies will claim that iPad wasn’t the first to launch a tablet and they are probably right. However, Apple was the one who was able to bring it to mainstream attracting users both young and old – and from all walks of life. I particularly like the iPad because it created a whole new market altogether. People who owned an iPad still also own a Mac and an iPhone and still use all 3 together, sometimes even all at once.

I could tell you guys about more innovation, but I don’t want to bore you guys with a really long article. Maybe, I could just create a segment on featured innovation from the IT industry in our future posts. 🙂

Do you have an idea for Disruptive Innovation and don’t know how to build it? I hope you would consider partnering with us and contact us at hello@creatinginfo.com 🙂