Happy Chinese New Year! – Join the Crowd

Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Don’t you love it that Chinese New Year is now celebrated as a Non-working holiday here in the Philippines after so many years? Here we celebrate it with Tikoy, simple Dragon Dance and a visit to the World’s Oldest Chinatown (outside of China) – Binondo! For Filipino-Chinese people like us, it is often celebrated with Misua and the much awaited Ang Pao (Red Envelope with Cash) from elders. What’s not to love?

In China, 3.6 Billion Chinese people fly back to China or to their home town to celebrate the spring festival and it is considered the Largest Annual Human Migration in the world. The airports, train stations and the rural city will be buzzing with people and celebration. And everyone is kept busy celebrating traditions with family.

In other parts of the world though, Chinese New Year is a time for transition, change and welcoming of the new year with positivism. A friend of mine in Singapore said, every Chinese New Year, tons of furniture lined up in the streets as Chinese families give away old furniture and buy new ones. This is part of their spring cleaning exercise that perhaps for us Filipinos, we sometimes still find them in perfectly good condition. Then the next day, the Salvation Army will come pick it up re-upholster them and sell it again and use profit for charity. I guess its all good as many less fortunate people benefit from this exercise.

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