10 reasons to use Zayls as your Sales and Inventory Management System


Our innovative team of developers at Creating Info created an innovative Sales and Inventory System, called Zayls. I will give you ten reasons why Zayls is your business’ solution in managing sales and inventory.

With Zayls, you can step up you game in inventory control. Make the best decision for your inventory by tracking your current and forecast inventory levels. Prioritize the right items to order based on sales and profitability. Prevent stock outs and costly overstock.

Zayls give you an immediate upgrade in order management. Accurate and up-to-date information about all supplier and customer order transactions. From supplier order placement, to receiving of stocks at the warehouse, to customer sales and delivery, and finally accounts settlement.

Zayls is a cloud-based system. In other words, you can enjoy hassle free access to the system. No installation and special hardware requirements. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Access your sales and inventory information anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Even for first time organizers, the user-interface of Zayls is easy to use and will guide you through the process. If you are running your operations in excel, bulk import of your excel can be easily imported to the system.

Zayls offers comprehensive reports that can help in analysis and making better decisions for your business. Zayls provides reports such as top selling products, out of stock reports, price list reports and many more. These reports help you understand the “real deal” in your operation but leaves the strategy and decision to you.

Zayls provides extended customization services to suit the specific needs of your company. Are you in need of customized forms, invoices or special reports? Zayls can be customized to make a fit to your unique needs!

In case you have existing business software, converting your existing data into the Zayls platform is made convenient by our services.

In case you are not sure where to start. Our team of professional consultants are experienced across different industries. They can help you analyze and streamline your current process. The idea is continuous improvement so your business can run efficiently.

Zayls provides a CRM-system that is build into your accounts. In other words, you can easily get the contact information you need from one place and message them at the same time. In short, all the information you need can be accessed from one single place. No more hassle with your phone or mailbox.

The 30-days trial is FREE of charge.

Request it now on www.zayls.com.