NTSY & Co. – Case Study

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COMPANY: NTSY & Co. is an accounting firm that does outsourcing work for corporate and individual clients. They offer services like book keeping, government filing and other services like processing and acquiring permits. They handle hundreds of accounting services for thousands of customers.

PROBLEM: They have to laboriously monitor each client by referencing tons of excel files created by several staffs, tracking who edited a particular transaction and searching a data is nearly impossible, and it’s exhausting to consolidate all the data from the excel files just to come up with a statement of account. That’s why they spent FOUR MONTHS just to generate SOAs for all customers.

SOLUTION: We created a billing system for them to encode all the transactions of their customers and let the system monitor and link the data to come-up with a statement of account (SOA). They can now generate SOA every month on time with just a few clicks, and get back on track with their collection.

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