What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Hello World! I am writing this post a bit late today after coming from a really hectic week. Our CEO Brian and I were talking on what to share to you guys to make sure we do this as a weekly thing and he suggested this video. The video is courtesy of code.org and as hard core IT professionals passionate about coding ourselves, we wanted to share this to encourage all of you guys to do the same. 🙂

I was surprised to know that in the United States only 1 out of 10 schools teach programming. It was odd for me because my first computer class was at grade 6 – I just assumed that the US is more advanced in everything. Anyway, our teacher kept rambling about coding and writing cobol codes endlessly on the board. She was writing it on the board because while our school had computers, it was the time when the Philippines experienced 10-hr a day brownouts so we never got the chance to actually try it out. Fast forward to 2 years later in 2nd year, I had a Turbo Basic class where I first literally wrote a program from scratch. That class was truly interesting for me as we tried all sorts of logic like money changers, screen savers, colors, drawing in Ascii characters – it feels like I’m at the top of the world. And I knew from that class that God had called me to be a programmer and to be in the IT field. I was 14 back then, and I kept following that path to where I am today.

We are sharing this video today in hopes of encouraging more and more people to learn how to code. To call on people who might also find coding as their calling in life. To help build applications for innovation and progress. It doesn’t need a 4 year course or degree to do it – it just requires some curiosity, logic and patience to do it. If you guys have questions, ideas, or need any form of help, just email us at hello@creatinginfo.com. Also the youtube channel has some more how to videos from the big guys in the IT industry that you can check out. Happy Programming! 🙂