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Information​ Technology​: A galaxy far far away…


After 14 years of being in the IT industry (including college), I find that many people still feel the IT field is from outer space and IT professionals are like aliens. As computers slowly try to rule the world (yes, including the Philippines), many people still find themselves lost in translation every time they try to deal with their device. With the proliferation of social media and mobile, more and more people are using buzzwords like google, facebook, youtube and email. As more technology becomes available to users, there will be more questions on how to use it, how to abuse it, and how to undo the damage after some abuse is done.

I have received numerous calls from my non-IT friends asking for help on some IT emergency they have. They have asked how to format certain columns in excel, how to setup their phone, how to retrieve an archived mail, how to resurrect a dead hard drive, etc. And there were more complicated questions of how to automate a simple system they used to run in excel, how to setup an e-commerce system that communicates directly with their suppliers, or how to create a new cool app they have thought of that they think will be a hit.

I will tell you guys of my secret, for usual IT emergencies that my friends encounter, I usually don’t know the answers either. I just google the answer and respond back to them. Search engines use natural language that allows you to quickly communicate with it like a normal human being. You can simply ask “how to resurrect a dead hard drive” and it will respond with 115,000 results for you to consider.

But for everything else, it is what we are here for. Send us your inquiry at hello@creatinginfo.com , we don’t promise we know all the answers either. But we will do our best to help! 🙂